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You found what you wanted on-line. You placed an order…easy. Now you want it delivered to suit your schedule. Still easy?

Planning your schedule around projected arrival times of your online purchases creates stress. Can you trust your purchase will be shipped to your home or office? Will someone be there to accept it? Do you have to sign for it? If left outside, do you risk it being stolen or spoiled? Can you get to the alternative pick-up location before it closes? (What if I’m delayed?) What must you do if the carrier returns packages you want? Is there a "green solution"? Why does your community not have a solution? Deliver-EZ is the answer to your questions!

You found what you wanted on-line.
You placed an order…easy.
Now you want it delivered to suit your schedule.
Still easy?

For your customers, the thought of having to plan one’s schedule around when their packages are set to arrive is very stressful. Will it be shipped to my home or office? Will someone be here to accept it? If it's left outside my house do I run the risk of it being stolen? Will I be able to get to the alternative drop-off locations before they are closed? What do I do if the carrier returns the packages I want? Is there a "green solution"? These are now issues of the past.

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It's That Easy
The Deliver-EZ Smart Community Logistics Center gives you simple, flexible and secure control of on-line purchase logistics, 24x7. Deliver-EZ’s clever technology enables control of how, when, and where to receive online purchases – freeing time while adding convenience, uncompromised security and green solutions. Deliver-EZ provides multiple on-demand, autonomous delivery options and is conveniently located in the heart of your community. Deliver-EZ - a community life style enhancement.
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Just Download the App
As you place orders for the best deals, the Deliver-EZ app consolidates and organizes all retailer, carrier, and shipping information and gives you the tools to manage how your purchases are delivered and returned. Use our app to direct Deliver-EZ resources to deliver at your convenience, not the carrier’s. Deliver-EZ allows you to take full control.

How Can We Help Your Customers?

Community Residents will no longer have to endure: Deliver-EZ will provide:
Being handcuffed to the down sides of traditional deliveries. Mobile App that consolidates purchasing data in one portal. Powerful tools to make deliveries on your terms.
Limited flexibility and reliability.
Limitations of last mile alternatives.
Control over how, when and where deliveries occur. Integration with on-demand autonomous vehicle options.
Packages left at their door step; exposed to weather and targets for porch pirates. Online purchases held securely at the Community Logistics Center.
Temperature sensitive online purchases (food, wine, medicine, etc.) being at risk to temperature extremes. Cold-chain vaults and a temperature controlled environment, preventing chances for spoilage.
Frustrating product return processes. Simple return process at your Community Logistics Center.
Hassle of cardboard waste.
Excessive commerical vehicles in the neighborhood.
EZ-Green reusable / recyclable container program and environmental friendly autonomous vehicles.