Deliver-EZ announces signing a Letter of Intent with Aero Systems West for Commercial Package Delivery Drones

(Salinas, CA – January 30, 2019) Deliver-EZ announced that they have signed a letter of intent (LOI) with air drone designer and manufacturer Aero Systems West to build commercial package delivery drones. Aaron Frank, CEO and co-founder of Deliver-EZ and a veteran in the Drone industry stated, “after careful study, Deliver-EZ and Aero Systems West believe their combined teams have the right concept, skills and knowledge to make drone delivery services commercially viable. The joint Deliver-EZ and Aero Systems West program is on track to initiate drone delivery services from Deliver-EZ community logistics centers once regulatory approval is achieved.”

Charles Neal, President and CEO of Aero Systems West has enthusiastically committed to this joint effort stating “after spending time with the Deliver-EZ team, it is clear they have created a break-through solution for last block delivery. Their community logistics centers enable the use of Aero Systems West’s heavy lift multirotor aircraft for final mile delivery. Aero Systems West has talked with many companies and entrepreneurs each with a vision of using drone delivery. However, Deliver-EZ has gone beyond visioning and has actually built a hardware / software platform which enables the use of all autonomous vehicle classes – including drones. The partnership with Deliver-EZ gives Aero Systems West the ability to mass-manufacture commercial delivery drones that make operational sense based upon the capabilities and capacities of commercial delivery drones.”

“Working hand-in-hand with ASW, it has become clear that commercial drone delivery is technically feasible and economically viable today”, said David Kilzer, Deliver-EZ co-founder. “The near-term challenges include resolving public concerns by working with the relevant regulatory agencies to create the systems, standards and infrastructure for safe, reliable and profitable drone operations. The partnership with Aero Systems West adds their extensive, in-depth drone expertise to our robotic package handling capability – a combined know-how that will make commercial drone delivery services an essential part of tomorrow’s lifestyle.”

Daniel Neal, CTO of Aero Systems West and Craig Foster, Deliver-EZ co-founder have underscored that operating a drone is just one component of an interdependent system that is required for a successful commercial drone delivery platform.  Aero Systems West and Deliver-EZ are working together on tactical operating elements and are defining, developing, and acquiring the assets and infrastructure to ensure the safety of the community. They are also building viable landing / take-off / drop-off facilities in communities, autonomous operating platforms, and physical protection layers while shaping the business linkages that will provide a pipeline of eligible payloads and much more.

About Deliver-EZ

Deliver-EZ is a robotics and last block logistics start-up that offers a holistic Delivery as a Service platform. Our products seamlessly integrate into smart communities, enhancing resident lifestyles with flexible delivery options, 24×7 connectivity, improved safety and green living.

About Aero Systems West

Aero Systems West is an Air Drone hardware and software engineering, aeronautical design, integration, payload design and manufacturing company for fixed wing and heavy lift multirotor aircraft.

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